First Post!

Hi There!

I’m Rifqi, currently I do data analysis for Sales Performance at GrabKios, focus on leveraging millions stall owner in Indonesia 🇮🇩.

Over a year ago this site has been deployed by myself, just curious how GitHub Pages look likes at that time. Long story short, I try to manage it with GitHub Pages, Hugo, Netlify and Forestry. I think it’s the easy way to manage my site along the way.

This blog contain my personal notes about tech, mostly python and data-related thingy, and non-tech stuff such as opinion and travel notes, did I mention that Indonesia has wonderful travel destination? At least once in your life you must travel to Indonesia, I swear you’ll never regret.

All set, see ya!

ps. if you like this journal, please let me know on twitter @rifqiabidin (mostly tweet on Bahasa Indonesia 😛).